Existence Higher Education

College of Islamic Religion (PTAI) as an institution of higher education is an important part of national development, the mission carried by the development task. Then because it was liable PTAI how to organize and develop human resources through education and teaching, research and community service as stipulated in the tridharma college.

As an institution of higher education, whose main task is to build and develop human resources, with a central position is a student.

           Students PTAI has two major advantages namely excellence in terms of understanding and maturity against religious values ​​are universal and understanding and maturity of the national values. The realization of the advantages of the two maturity that accumulates in the curriculum developed at the PTAI religious' curriculum and the curriculum is patterned nationality (toindonesiaan). So figure PTAI students will have a basic and integrated scientific concept, ie, between the religious sciences and general sciences (integrated).

With the understanding that both the student PTAI will have ideology and nationality bow broad and plural, as well as contextual universal religious understanding. This is the figure of students PTAI be built. The concept was also recently been demonstrated by the history of the development PTAI in Indonesia from time to time.

College of Islamic Religion (PTAI) has a long history, stems from the idea KH.Wahid Hashim who was then Chairman of the Religious later became a minister of religion. PTAI initially is a fraction of the Faculty of Islamic Studies at the Islamic University of Indonesia (UII) in Yogyakarta.

             Through government regulation number 34 in 1950 Fak. Islamic religion UII jogyakarta turned into PTAIN consisting of three faculties namely the Department of propaganda would become Fak. Ushuluddin, Department Qodlo turned into Fak. Sharia, the Department of Education turned into Fak. MT. In a further development UII retaining Fak. Religion as a trade mark UII as the first private Islamic universities in Indonesia.

          Therefore PTAI birth in Indonesia is the shape of the aspirations of the Muslim community, especially in an area then, almost every region in Indonesia has sought to establish PTAI with different styles and characteristics of each. 

PTAI birth of each area of ​​course motivated by several things including:
1. The need for higher education and equal opportunities form of education for the community.
2. To further deepen the insight and knowledge of religious and other sciences.
3. Through PTAI can be obtained maturation of knowledge and religious knowledge broadly and comprehensively so that the mission of Islam as rahmatan lil alamiin can be realized.
4. PTAI also in the subsequent development capable of forming students and alumni who understand Islam in a comprehensive and moderate.

        In the history of its development is so long PTAI then got the space for comprehensive so that students and alumni have a plus, because the religious authority in his hands could be grounded in a language that can be understood by the public at large, so that students and alumni PTAI could be a political observer , politicians, print and electronic journalists, NGO activists, bankers, lawyers and others partially.

There are several other more power possessed by the College of Islamic Higher education compared with others, such as:
1. College Islam by while people deemed able to provide complete life provisions regarding both the mundane aspects and hereafter.
2. Having emotional support comprehensive community
3. Bears the motivating force was transcendent that it grow in an environment lacking other higher education institutions.

Islamic institution of higher learning with a view on the strengths and chances are still very likely in the future, that they can win the competition and become the alternative college with a note:
1. Origin managed, properly led and able to build and expand the network of cooperation with other institutions both local level, regional and international levels.
2. revitalization efforts, continuous improvisation including vision and mission in the future,
3. Consider the needs of consumers,
4. innovation and updating managerial and leadership that is tailored to the needs of the times and the environment, as well as the need for breakthroughs in establishing and strengthening a network of partnerships with other institutions.

       Cooperation between universities is one of the strategic efforts in solving various weaknesses that carried a higher education institution. In addition, the cooperation is performed in order to open the valve institutional isolationism facing universities, both at the level of local, national, regional, and international levels.

Islamic universities through cooperation with other agencies are expected to be able to be fulfilled trigger for new breakthroughs in the management, improving the quality of education, professionalism and so forth. Various problems faced by universities both in the academic, institutional, energy, financing and employment opportunities for alumni can be tackled properly through good cooperation between the college and / or other institutions, at home and abroad. 

If the concept model human above can be realized, meaning students PTAI has become embryos and are in the process of implementation of the development and formation of qualified human resources. Indicators of qualified human resources is as follows:
1. Have faith and piety
2. Have manners
3. Has knowledge and skills
4. Have a physical and spiritual health
5. Having a personality and independence
6.. Have a civic responsibility and nationality.

Self-criticism and a source of weakness IAIN
            IAIN accompany the journey, since the first year of its foundation (1960) up to the age of approximately 60 years now. IAIN never escape from self-criticism from the community Academic its own, but it is not solely to drop IAIN dignity, but for the benefit and advancement IAIN. IAIN many views on the extremely limited access in the world of job search ha was stated by Prof.A.Chotib Qudwain, former rector of IAIN Sultan Toha Jambi, he come to feel disappointed Alumni IAIN difficult to get a job based on their background. 

In fact Alumni IAIN only a small portion can be absorbed by the jobs, especially jobs that are available in the Ministry of Religion, as a teacher, counselor family planning programs through religion, religious judges, and other educational personnel in educational institutions run by the ministry of religion. Minister of Religious Affairs also provides a sharp criticism against IAIN, which is considered weak in foreign languages, weak methodology, and weak in mental science.

            Indeed, the source of strength and simultaneously IAIN wide impact lies in the development of the quantity that is difficult to control. The positive aspect of deployment IAIN:
1. Provide access for young people to Islam for the opportunity to attend higher education.
2. Giving pattern for society as civil society and the character of Islam.
3. Encourage missionary activities in the surrounding communities.
4. An opportunity for teachers and civil servants to improve the skills and competencies and educational standards required for a job, for example a teacher at MTs by applicable laws and regulations, must have a bachelor.

The weakness of growth in quantity IAIN so rapidly that uncontrolled is
1. Difficult meet made of costs and infrastructure and adequate educational facilities
2. Difficult educators meet both quantity and quality.
3. Difficult improve the capacity and quality of lecturers through a diploma or non-diploma programs because of funding constraints or first scholarship for IAIN / STAIN

4. And most important, and broad impact on the state of life, is that the number of institutions that is not controlled by the sub-standard quality, IAIN continues to print educated personnel that cumulatively, the heightening unemployment.