The problem of Islamic Education and learning today

The term "Islamic Education" is used in two ways: one, all the actions carried out a person or organization to teach Islamic ideas ​​within a number of scholars. Two, the whole organization that angles all its programs and actions on the opinions and ideas ​​of Islam.

In describing the significance of Islamic Education and learning will we come across some opinions about the prospect of Islamic Education and learning itself. Burlian Somad.1981, saying that the Islamic Education and learning is education that is designed to type people into people who designed himself, a higher degree of Allah according to the dimension and content to train is to realize that purpose, ie the lessons of Allah. In depth, he suggested, that education is known as Education and learning Islam if it has two features, namely
  The potential is to type people into great designed according to the dimensions of the Qur'an.  Fill up Her education is the educating of Allah stated with finish in the Qur'an that the execution in reality of lifestyle, as shown by the Prophet Muhammad.

Meanwhile, according to Muhammad Naquib al-Attas, (1992: 18) that Islamic education is information body and spirit in compliance with the rules of Islam toward the organization of an essential personality according to dimensions of Islam that a Islamic personality that has the ​​of Islam, operates and decide and act centered on Islamic ideas ​​and liability in compliance with the ​​of Islam.

Of some information above can be identified that Islamic education is your time and attempt in changing the behaviour and actions of people teach the lessons of Islam in its growth procedure towards the development of personality respectable, Where respectable personality is the result of the execution of Islamic lessons in daily lifestyle daily as has been shown by the Prophet Muhammad. Therefore, those who have a respectable personality becomes very essential existence as a representation of the execution of Islamic education.

As a nation with a Islamic greater part, Islamic education has a very significant role in Philippines in the growth and growth of individual seumberdaya and personality growth, so that those who create is a representation of the Islamic community. Thus Islam really be rahmatan lil'alamin, whim to all the planets.

But until now the Islamic education still suffering from complicated issues, from the conceptual-theoretical issues, up-practical functional issues. This matter is not fixed, create Islamic education lags with other educational institutions, both quantitatively and qualitatively, so that education Islamic education was satisfied as "second class". No wonder then that many of the creation of Muslims who actually learning in educational institutions non-Islamic.

Islamic academic backwardness of other educational institutions, according to Zainal Abidin Ahmad (1970: 35), at least due to several factors, namely: 

  •  Islamic education is often too delayed to come up with themselves to reply to changes and styles in present and upcoming community.
  •     Islamic education program most are still more likely to orientate themselves in the areas of humanities and public sciences rather than sort of the exact sciences of science, chemical make up, chemical make up, arithmetic and modern
  •     Islamic education restoration business are often piecemeal and not extensive, so there is no essential modify.
  •     Islamic education continues to be focused towards the past rather than the future-oriented, or less are upcoming focused.
  •     Most of Islamic education has not handled expertly both in the planning of instructors, the program and the execution to train.
  •  Islamic Education and learning System
          Islamic education program is a essential solution to restore the present program of high-end education. How does the image of Islamic education system? The following information is sekilas.Pendidikan Islam is an attempt, organized, designed, and consistently in to create a person personality, namely:

First, the Islamic personality. This is actually the impact of the believe in of a Islamic. In substance, a Islamic should have two essential factors, namely the attitude ( 'aqliyyah) and the design of the spirit (nafsiyyah) which is dependant on Islamic theology.

To get the of Islam, at least, there are three steps that must be taken, as shown by the Prophet., Namely:  Implanting Islamic theology to someone in a manner according to the believe in classification, namely as 'aqidah' aqliyyah; creed that appeared from the procedure of deep considered.

    Generate reliability and steadfastness in those who already have the Islamic thought the thought processes and berprilakunya remain above the basic ideas of religion in which he considered.

    Creating Islamic personality that has established at someone with him regularly to truly fill his ideas with Tsaqafah Islamiyya and employ compliance to Allah SWT.

Second, expert Tsaqafah Islam. Islam needs every Islamic to seek information. Depending on the amount responsibilities, according to al-Ghazali in Ali Saifullah (1987: 19) technologies are separated into two classes, namely:    Research were included fard 'ayn (individual obligation), it means required to research every Islamic, the Islamic Tsaqafah composed of ideas, ideas, and rules of Islam; Arabic; sirah Prophet., Ulumul Quran, Tahfizh Quran, Ulumul hadith, fiqh usul, etc.

    Research were classified fadhu kifayah (collective obligation); typically sciences that include technological innovation and used science-skills, such as chemical make up, science, medication, farming, technological innovation.

Third, the technological innovation of lifestyle (Science and Technology). Master of technologies are necessary to be able that Muslims are able to achieve material improvement so that it can perform its function as a vicegerent of Allah on earth well. Islam determines the skills of technological innovation as fardlu kifayah, ie if these sciences are essential people, such as medication, kimi, science, aircraft, chemical make up, technological innovation, etc.

Fourth, have sufficient abilities. Mastery of technological innovation sciences and realistic workouts as well as the skill-sets and skills is one of the objectives of Islamic education, which should be belonging to Muslims in to carry out his responsibilities as the Caliph of Allah. As the skills of technological innovation, Islam also creates getting abilities as fardlu kifayah, ie if they are most needed etiquette, such as commercial technological innovation, aircraft, woodworking and more.

In to produce academic results SDM not surprisingly, should be made a education program. That is, education is not only focused on looking after only. The existing education program must incorporate all components making a excellent education program.

In this situation, there are at least three things that should be of concern, namely: First, the collaboration between educational institutions, areas and family members. Education and learning is significant to include three components above. Therefore, the above three components describe the tutorial purpose actual circumstances. Currently these three components do not work synergistically, moreover to each of the components is also not working properly.

Poor kid's education at home gives a heavy pressure to the school / higher education and add to the complexness of the issues in community such as the student brawls, free sex, drugs, and so on. Simultaneously, the situation of the inadequate clearly create the ​​that might have been efficiently inserted in the family and the school / higher education become less the best possible. Moreover, if the training acquired in school is a bad idea, it was finish devastation of the three support beams to train.

Second, the program is organized and designed from pre-school to school. Curriculum as mentioned above can be guaranteed for the interconnectedness to train per student on at each stage.

In accessory for the control of assisting the procedure of developing the of Islam which is consistently provided from pre-school to PT, the cost Tsaqafah Islam and Life Science (Science, skills, and skills) are given in amounts according to the consumption potential and ability stage of learners by stage to train each -masing.

At the beginning or before the age of adolescence (kindergarten and elementary), constructing the program wherever possible is essential, common, incorporated and reasonable for a lot of scholars that follow.

Bin al-Khattab, the will that was sent to the governor-governor, had written, "After that, get them to learn to your kids diving and driving, and tell them cultured etiquette and good poems."

Caliph Hisham bin Abdul Malik bequeath to Sulaiman al-Kalb, his instructor, "Behold, my son is the light of my eyes. I believe in you to show. You shall worry Allah, meet the require. First, I bequeath unto you, that ye may educate him the Quran, then remember him al-Quraan (Siti Meichati, 1980: 15).

At the stage of Higher Education and learning (PT), a foreign lifestyle can be provided unchanged. Socialism-communism or capitalism-secularism, for example, can be shown the Muslims once they comprehend Islam as a whole. Session perception than Islam and other ideas provided is not designed to be applied, but to describe and comprehend disability-blemish and it is not compatible with individual instinct.

Third, focused to the development of Tsaqafah Islam, Islamic personality, and skills of technological innovation. All three of the above is the focus on to be acquired. In the execution, this is the alignment and assistance for the execution of the Condition Responsibility Is pendidikan.Pendidikan Islam is a program that provides alternatives to the various issues suffering from humanity. Each of the alternatives provided Islam is certainly in track with individual instinct.

 In the viewpoint to train, Islam has identified that it is situations which is required to handle all factors with regards to the training program that is used and to ensure that people education can be acquired easily.

This time the problematics of Islamic Education
Problems to train is, issues or issues experienced by the entire globe to train. Issues such education according to the "Burlian Somad" in S.Wojowasito-W.J.S. Poerwadarminta (1988: 12) generally contains the following: The existence of uncertain purpose to train, absence serasian program, instructors don't have the proper and qualified, their dimensions wrong and going haziness calculating the basic ideas of academic levels.

Related to the tutorial backwardness of Islam, according to Muhaimin due to reducing of the understanding of Islamic education is only the range of components of lifestyle hereafter individual the life lifestyle, or part of religious lifestyle individual from physical lifestyle.
If you see this Muhaimin opinion, it will appear the difference and separating between what is religious and not religious, holy with the profane between the globe and the hereafter. The viewpoint that distinguishes one another is known as a dichotomous worldview.

 Their symptoms dichotomous who according Abdurrahman Mas'ud as the cause of the backwardness of Islamic education. Until now, Islamic education is still individual between purpose and exposure, and the indigent and recitation. This causes an discrepancy paradigmatic, that underdevelopment of the idea of religious humanism in education Islam, because Islam is more focused education on the idea of 'abdullah (human as a slave), rather than as an idea khalifatullah (man as vicegerent of Allah).

Besides academic alignment Islam the actual carried the most essential issues in education, from the philosophical problem, to methodological issues.In inclusion, Islamic education is suffering from a problem associated with changes in community are regularly getting quicker, the more so the growth and growth of technologies are hardly memeperdulikan longer a religious program.

Conditions present, Islamic education in the position of traditional determinism and reality. In the sense that, one part of the Muslims is the loving traditional in which they are extremely pleased to have once had thinkers and great researchers, and has an essential participation also to the growth and growth of society and technological innovation globe as well as being signals for the secrets of Portugal, but in the other side they face a that Islamic education is hopeless confronted with the facts of contemporary commercial community and technological innovation.

This was sustained by the opinion of some Muslims who were less interested normally sciences and even to the "forbidden". This has an impact on learning in the Islamic education program is still having difficulties what Muhammad Abed al-Jabri, thinkers of Moroccan source, as epistemology bayani, or in the language of Amin Abdullah known as the hadara an-nass (the religious lifestyle that merely represents the text ), where education is only having difficulties with a load of religious text messages are mostly referring to the issues of fiqh alone.

The differences between common information and religious information is what introduced the Muslims to the backwardness and decrease of society, inasmuch as common sciences is regarded something that is outside Islam and produced from the non-Muslims or the other, often ditentangkan between religious beliefs and technological innovation (in this situation science).

 Religion is regarded nothing to do with technological innovation, as well as the technological innovation of religion simpatism. That image of academic methods and medical actions in the nation nowadays with various effects negataif produced and recognized by the public.

Islamic education program there is only educate religious sciences course. On the other side, a creation of Muslims who research outside the Islamic education program only a small percentage in terms of Islamic education or even totally getting the Islamic sciences.
Of the various issues to train over the Islamic Republic could determine that the problem of Islamic education:

    First of all, there is still the problem of conceptual-theoretical or philosophical consequently resulting in realistic functional issues.

    Secondly, the question is conceptual-theoretical model noticeable by a dichotomy in the training of Islam between religious beliefs and not religious beliefs, exposure and purpose as well as the entire globe and the hereafter

    Third, the absence of reaction to the public truth of Islamic education so that learners away from their socio-cultural atmosphere. As soon as they complete Islamic organizations sometimes they will experience social-shock.   4th, the managing of this problem only piecemeal, not essential and comprehensive

Problems Solutions Islamic Education
Problems Solutions Islamic Education and learning is currently looking at the kenyatan, then certainly the problem of duality-dichotomous idea to train must be overthrown and settled, either at the stage of philosophical and technological paradigmatic departementel. Philosophical considered to be very essential, because this considering will be giving out any viewpoint that became the base for the ideological and ethical education.

Separation between technological innovation and religious beliefs should be instantly ceased and became a marriage initiatives both of them in one integrative academic program. But the publication of the incorporation of technological innovation and religious beliefs in the training program is not an easy matter, but must be on the basis of philosophical considered that is strong, so it does not seem just a little blotchy.

 The first step that must be done in planning academic modify is to come up with a "basic structure of philosophical education" in compliance with the lessons of Islam, then create "empirical principles" actual the execution while the surroundings (socio and cultural) Viewpoint integralism (wisdom wahdatiyah) is part of the philosophy of Islam is an alternative of making an alternative look at the postmodern era in european community.

The substance of information wahdatiyah viewpoint is that the complete and the comparative is a oneness that is tiered and not something that is lost as the opinions of Islamic orthodoxy. The opinions Armahedi Mahzar, the founder of this integralism philosophy, technologies are also in compliance with the presumptions above, so that he does not separate religious information and common technological innovation, technological innovation skular God and technological innovation, the technological innovation globe and eschatology. From viewing oneness he will also indicates also considered Armahedi on other issues, such as Islamic education.

For Armahedi, Islamic education should be a regular whole or essential. For him, human-manuisa now a product of Western considered Modern suffering from an discrepancy, because it is a limited growth. Islamic society is another example.

 Both can be assisted to deflect improvement towards the growth and growth of the transformative more thorough and healthy. There is only beberpa part only of individual lifestyle developed. So is the situation with the present community, is actually a representation of information program that persisted at plenty of your time.

Today's community is a materialistic community that can be fostered by using a massive machine known as teknostrutur. Here there is a losing link, namely spiritualism. Thus, education as the manufacture of these systems must create all components of individual and community in compliance with the actual of Islam, that is monotheism.
Philosophical opinions is what creates the significance of the research of Armahedi Mahzar considering about integrative program of Islamic education, because education problem actually depends on two factors, philosophical and realistic.

 This philosophical circumstances underlie the realistic world to train. When the philosophical world has woken firm, the realistic world will run consistently. Thus, philosophy or information wahdatiyah integralism will become the ideological base in the growth and growth of integrative education program.