University Are Built Models Islamic

          Since the beginning until the late 20th century and early 21st, the moslem countries let their dichotomy of two educational system that western system in nationalized by adding two four subject of Islam and the Islamic education system derived from classical times were not replace fundamentally. these conditions indicate of dichotomy of general knowledge and religious knowledge was formalized through the institution itself. if occur any attempt to solve this dichotomy often starting from the root of the problem which is the dichotomy of epistemology are not colored the entire education system.

         As in Indonesia the Islamic University vary by only public college in term institutional structure, for example, about the extra faculties true religion has no connection with epistemic non religious does not address the social problem and the nature, the epistemological level and faculty of social and nature, do not use basic islamic epistemology. thus, this situation is exactly the principle of atomism think that is the root of western culture.

          The situation of educational in Indonesia is also identical to those in the muslim world in general. it is bay international Moslem scholars viewed as something that is not conducive to building a civilization of Islam, becouse besides not its islamic epistemology in islamic universities, as well as excessive bureaucratization in coloring the atsmophere of live.

 finally the leadership in islamic colleges better reflect the head office or the head of the project rather than as the leader of an academic institution that serves realize ummatan `ilman or scientific community. they seem to be more skilled in managing traffic funds. and did not have the capacity and the skills in the development of educational institutions that develop academic attitudes, critical thinking and analytical. a characteristic that mark Islamic college are clearly visible on the study load offered to student and the products it produces.

         As a vehicle for the development of human resources (HR) high school of Islam consistently strive to produce graduates who have the skill sets and competencies. among academic competencies related to scientific methodology, professional competence relating to the application of science and technology capabilities in the realities of life, and intellectual competence relating to the growing sensitivity to the issue.

this goal of course is in accordance with the demand of the times and at the same time meet the call of the koran motivates intellectual refinement. thus, ideally the resulting HR Islamic higher education institution have reliable quality and able to competition in community.