Judging from the lexical meaning, the word character means: Default, heart, soul, personality, character, behavior, personality, character, character, temperament, character. In terms of terminology, the term character is defined by a variety of sentence formulation is different, but the substance is almost the same. 

One definition of the character is pointed out by Suyanto, who stated that the character is a way of thinking and behaving that is characteristic of each individual to live and work, both within the family, community, nation and state.

Character is more positive connotation, not "neutral". The term is often associated with the term code of ethics, morals or values and moral strength. Characters also often associated with the term temperament more emphasis on psychosocial definitions associated with education and environmental context. While the character from the standpoint behaviorial somatopsikis more emphasis on the elements of a person from birth. 

The process of character development in a person is influenced by many factors characteristic of both heredity (nature) and environmental factors (nurture) where the person concerned to grow and thrive According Musfiroh, character refers to a set of attitudes (attitudes), behavioral (behaviors), motivation (motivations), and skills (skills). People of character is the personality, behavior, character, temper, and character. A person of good character certainly has a good mind (thinking the good), had a good feeling (feeling the good), and well behaved (acting the good). 

In other words, a good character is harmony between knowing the good, desiring the good, and doing the good. Character is defined as the integrity of knowledge about good, wants to do good, and proven in real action-behaved. So, theoretically, a person's character can be observed from three aspects, namely: know the good, to love kindness, and to do good.

Opinion Lickona above, is already contained in the teachings of Islam. If considering the views Lickona above, especially if the Hadith of Prophet previous notice stating that the believers are the most perfect faith is he who has the character / character the best, then the character is good, especially for those who believe, a manifestation and fruit of faith. is not of faith is defined as: عقد بالقلب, إقرار باللسان, and عمل بالأركان. 

Character education is a system of value investment good character to the citizens of the school / college, which includes knowledge, awareness or volition, and actions to implement these values. Character education is essentially not just teach what is good and what is true, but more than that character education should be able to instill habits (habituation) about where the good so that learners become familiar (cognitive), able to feel (affective) values goodness and become accustomed to it (psychomotor).

The process of formation and character of habituation becomes the responsibility of the education agency formally after informal education in the family environment. Character education in educational institutions is no longer as an option, but a necessity that can not be avoided. Through character education students are expected to be able to independently increase and use of science, study, appreciate and implement the values of noble character in the character or behavior of their everyday lives.

In character education, all factors that could affect the formation of character must be involved. Although, according to the theory of sociology and psychology glasses, the family is the main character and forming the first, however, formal education institutions, including universities, is also responsible and important role in shaping the character of their students.